Monday, January 6, 2014

Full-Service Mail Truck

In this age of over-information, over-exposure and all around generalized cult of one being their own Big Brother, chronicling one's own actions has become an epidemic, be it at concerts or restaurants. And we've all heard of sextapes...

But this one's new: a man has a sexual encounter with a sex worker on his lunch break (in his work vehicle); she leaks them online.

She, a ''happiness consultant'' (a.k.a. ''escort''), not only outed herself in the ''criminal'' act, but also him, de facto, which happens to be a lot more troublesome in his situation, as she is seen wearing his UPS uniform (usually something employers frown upon), which will likely eventually be traced back to him, who will have online evidence of his using company material (uniform) and vehicle in unauthorized sexual activity held against him. She has apparently already been identified as well, both by her legal name - Tiffany Faye Hawkins, already in trouble for prostitution - and her hooker name, Tiffany Cums.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

My favourite part of the story:
Incidentally, in her online profile, Cums says she's a "sweet & sassy Okie MILF" who is "very easy going" and "discreet."
As discreet as the internet can be until bloggers get on your case.

And this happens in the U.S. while Canada Post plans on eliminating door delivery service altogether by next year...

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