Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Freedom Of Speech... Just Watch What You Say

Only in America - again.

In the Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave, a Hispanic (Venezuelan) baseball team manager can have no consequences by insulting gays, but gets suspended (without pay), boycotted, picketed and petitioned to get fired for saying he ''loves'' or admires somebody... if that body is Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Sure, Ozzie Guillen is now managing the Miami Marlins, in a town filled with Cuban expats, but Castro is the former leader who freed his fucking people from American abuse, gave them universal health care, free quality university education - Cuban doctors are widely known as the best on earth - and provided his people with all the basic necessities to ensure a decent life in country as well as abroad despite an embargo that would bring other countries past the brink of famine.

The two most common knocks on the Castro regime are: rigged - or absent - elections, and the imprisonment of political dissenters, two areas of expertise seemingly reserved for Americans, whose last two-term chief actually lost his first election and then spent 8 years putting opponents in jail or ruining them in newspapers under the guise of ''national security''.

Yet Bush II didn't free his People from oppression, instead facilitating future oppressive regimes by giving the presidency too much power. But ''boo'' on the commies, right?

Not everyone is going nuts over this, at least.

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