Monday, September 24, 2012

Video Of The (Past) Week: The Soft Moon

I've read uneducated music critics compare them to Joy Division, but their sound is a lot more guitar-oriented gloomness than bass, so I'd say they're actually much closer to Love And Rockets / Bauhaus in that regard, or even Chrome or Suicide.

I'm talking of course of talk of the town The Soft Moon, who played at Pop Montreal on Saturday and whose concert was attended by all the hipsters you can imagine and given additional hype with most of the city's big show promoters also present.

I like their energy and sounds, myself, but I'm also a huge fan of Love And Rockets, so I would kind of prefer if the real thing would release more music than bands they inspired...

Nevertheless, as autumn's gloom and rain and depression hits like it does every year after my birthday, this band fits right in.

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