Friday, March 29, 2013

Video Of The Week: Dead Messenger

As rave reviews keep pouring in for Dead Messenger, they recently released a new video off their second record, Recharger, this time with Can't Help Myself.

Filmed, directed and edited by young hard-working Montrealer Adam Reider, who manages a work station/website/traveling film festival encompassed in Rail City Media (he has a thing for railroads, particularly the small model type), it's basically a shot of the Messengers doing what they do best: plugging their amps and rocking out.

Don't get me wrong, story lines are awesome. Some of my best friends are fictitious and go nowhere, have shiny cars surrounded by girls shaking their booties. But nothing beats a good rock performance, and, well, you know what I've been saying about this band for years now... they do it right.

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