Saturday, May 3, 2014

Video Of The Week: Pato & Richie Main

Yes, I have found a more disturbing video than Corey Feldman's.

You may remember Pato (a.k.a. Patrice Wilson) from the rap verse in Rebecca Black's Friday - my apologies if you do. This time, he has teamed up with Richie Main and directors Ian Hotchkiss and Chris Lowe (and, I assume, a first-year photography College student who makes one of the best tree/flower designs in his graphics designs class) to bring you Face Time (download it for free here!), a regular pop song set in a dark, black-and-white studio-shot weird video where the running theme is ''penetration of holes''.

Indeed, when it's not a woman being double-teamed by Pato and Richie whose penises turn into climbing plants and penetrate her simultaneously and making her 30 years younger, it's her younger self vomiting an apple tree whose fruit gets eaten by the two singers, then her swallowing a snake, one of the guys sideways-farting on her, prompting her to grow vines out of her ass that go back into his ass, prompting him to vomit his own apple tree, followed by the line ''Gimme some face time, girl!''

And other lyrics like ''All I need is wi-fi and your mind'' remind me why my own music audience is but a few thousand people.

If one song had the ability to kill pop music for good, this would be our generation's.

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