Thursday, July 24, 2014

Video Of The Week: Eddie Murphy

Like, seriously. The guy who brought us Boogie In Your Butt and Party All The Time in the 1980s - and happened to be the funniest man of the decade - and hasn't made a decent film in maybe 20 years came up with a reggae song that's almost as good as something Damian Marley could write.

Yes, I'm talking about that Eddie Murphy, who has teamed up with Snoop Lion - the reggae Snoop Dogg - to make the most danceable song of the last 9 months; so much so that I think he should have released it in May rather than last September: it would have been the hit of the summer.

Director John Mazyck kept it clean and simple: the band (and Snoop) and background vocalists, performing in a big jam space, cut with footage of a young girl walking down the street and coming across situations of inequality, bringing rival factions to a more peaceful resolution along her way. (I can think of a few places around the world that could use that kind of thing right now).

Red Light. Stop right... there where you are.

Also, seriously, I didn't think Eddie Murphy could come up with such concise, direct and ''real'' lyrics about the shit going on in the world these days. Either I should apologize for having let my opinion the man who brought us Delirious and Raw go so sour, of he should apologize for Haunted Mansion, Pluto Nash, Daddy Day Care, Tower Heist and give me back the $150 I spent on his bullshit since The Nutty Professor and let's say Bowfinger.

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