Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Video Of The Week: Moloken

Hard music. Swedish band. Cars and roads. Nature. Mustaches.

Dead body. Dragging. Digging.

Moloken have scored huge with this song and video for The Titan Above Us, the first track off their 2011 album Rural, a 7-track opus where the shortest track lasts 3:25 and the longest one clocks in at 16:23.

Originally a side project for The Pookie Syndrome's Kristoffer Bäckström, the first line-up started playing together in 2007 and released an EP entitled We All Face The Dark Alone in 2008; the 2009 full-length Our Astral Circle was released to critical acclaim and featured no less than three untitled songs.

Their current line-up has Kristoffer on guitars and vocals, his brother Nicklas Bäckström on bass and vocals, Patrik Ylmefors (of Overlord Industries) on guitars and drummer Jakob Burstedt (formerly of Lithany, which Kristoffer was also in).

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