Saturday, January 10, 2015

Video Of The Week: Dead Prez

Once in a while I take my raps laid back
Simple enough beats as a background track
So I can concentrate on the words they say
Works even better when rappers enunciate

I respect lyricists who try to include messages
And not just rehash their old hit's passages
I like when guys who used to talk about the streets
Turn their shit around and try to promote peace

Now I don't always agree with Dead Prez
But I like a man who can back what he says
M-1 and fit in that mold
And they've taken some hits for not joining the fold

Three different albums on three different labels
More elements to juggle than a periodic table
And yet they managed to deliver a song of decent importance
About peace, love, understanding and a side of tolerance

There are times where this video appears preachy and perhaps even cheesy, but the important thing is that the addendum after the song shows they've understood, throughout their self-education, where organized religion's rightful place is: as the prime suspect in why the world isn't in better shape.

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