Saturday, March 7, 2015

Video Of The Week: Purity Ring

At this point, we're probably due for a Beyoncé video, however I have been wanting to feature Purity Ring for a while, and with their most recent album, Another Eternity, getting released this week, I figured now was ideal to feature this video, directed and edited by Renata Raksha.

It's an artistic take on the now-common ''this-isn't-an-actual-video'' type of video, but instead of showing the album cover or a bad montage of various promo shots, it's a bunch of visual effects over one band still photograph.

And the music is clearly well-written pop, close to the ''orchestral pop'' of the mid-1990s, but with a touch of modern electronics, so it's a tad more experimental - while remaining completely accessible. It's smooth, easy listening that won't leave you feeling stupid.

Renata Raksha

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