Friday, May 29, 2015

Video Of The Week: Rick Astley

Let's be honest here: I could have just Rickrolled the lot of you, and I didn't.

So, be thankful. And be happy to watch Never Gonna Give You Up for the thousandth time:

Now with over 122,000,000 views, so you're not the only idiot who pressed play knowingly, let alone those of us who have been getting caught once in a while since 2007.

You know what, though? I'm happy Rick Astley's getting paid to be the butt of a joke. You could argue who's the real victim here between those forcibly listening to the 1987 ''classic'' and he who performed the kitchiest earworm we still remember, but his getting paid royalties from his own YouTube/Vevo account probably mends the embarassment a bit. And I'm happy it happened to a person who seems nice, not an asswipe like Vanilla Ice.

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