Saturday, November 26, 2016

Video Of The Week: OK Go

Continuing their career path of fun, quirky, one-take videos that started with 2006's Here It Goes Again, OK Go have released another impressive little piece of visual artistry for their recent single, The One Moment, directed by the band's lead singer and guitarist, Damian Kulash:

I don't know how much or how little editing - or how much research - went into it, but the parts where Kulash appears to be singing at the same speed as the soundtrack are pretty darn impressive - both from the flipping pages in a book and the rotating-poster machine.

It also happens to be their best song in a long while, which will likely help propel them to a new level of recognition.

These Chicago rockers are the real deal; they're imaginative and creative, and they can actually rock as well.

Well done.

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