Monday, October 23, 2017

Video Of The Week: CLARA-NOVA

CLARA-NOVA is Sydney Wayser's current electro-pop musical project. I hate 1980s-inspired electro-pop, and I hated it just as much back then. There are bits of this piece that make me want to throw up - this is not a metaphor, the only nostalgia I have for what the '80s were or stood for makes me physically ill. For real.

In this case, specifically, it's the chorus' bass line mixed with the atmospheric keyboards.

But I like the vocal melodies. And I feel like not enough people are aware of this project, that it warrants looking at the bigger picture.

So here's her new video, for The Illusionist, directed by Mimi Cave and starring dancer/choreographer Toogie Barcelo:

It was smart to use drones to film on location in an abandoned warehouse, at night. Indie innovation thinking, right there.

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