Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's Evolution, Baby...

So, according to this BBC article, research shows that male chimpanzees are into the habit of exchanging meat with female chimps... for sex. That's right, some people still believe Evolution doesn't exist (and it also seems there are more of these people now than there were 10 or 20 years ago, dpesite science advancing and not regressing in that time span...) yet chimps are now where humans were in the Stone Age, which isn't so bad, considering.

Chimpanzees have found out that if you feed a woman her daily protein need, she will be more inclined to give you sex - even later in the course of your relationship with her.

Now I'm not saying I advocate ''keeping the woman in the kitchen'' at all, just that we, as a species, also started out coupling with one another out of a certain survival instinct - and because for some reason or another we stopped being nomads.

And since those monkeys aren't going anywhere either, nature dictated some common sense into them. The next step is giving her the right to hunt herself, then the right to have her say in how the tribe handles itself.

Chances are that won't take 2000 years and countless wars, so, in the end, which species will have made the most significant progress?

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