Monday, July 6, 2009

Bernie Ecclestone Is One Crazy Dude

Bernie Ecclestone, grand wizard of Formula One racing, has done it again.

Not anything pertaining to sports or sports management this time, not another decision to hold races in countries that people don't want to race in, nor another multi-million-dollar lawsuit.

No, none of that.

Just his mouth uttering words without having the benefit of a brain thinking them ahead of time behind it. Yep, the guy who once said women should dress in white "like all other domestic appliances" is back - with a vengeance. Towards Jews, specifically, it seems.

Apparently, according to Ecclestone, Adolf Hitler (he of the Nazi leadership and WWII fiasco that still gives Germany a bad reputation to this day) "got things done."

Now, what Brainiac Bernie wanted to put in perspective was that his own government, the British government, "hasn't done a lot of good for many countries - including this one." He just used a rather stupid analogy to get his point across.

And some Jews want him to quit managing his sports' interests to punish him for saying those comments. And I sort of agree. But not as 'punishment' per se.

Racial slurs, like comparing people to Hitler, are old, dated, and wrong. Plus, any time (and this happens way too often) people compare anyone to Hitler (i.e. usually viewed as the 'worst human ever'), it takes away from just how much of a complete fucking disgrace and waste of sperm Hitler has been.

And if someone is stupid enough to make analogies of the sort, there is no way he should be in charge of billions and billions of dollars - annually. And, keep in mind, he is half his sport's governing body; the other half, Max Mosley, was caught in a Nazi orgy with five prostitutes just a year ago... (and Mosley's father Oswald was a notorious fascist and Hitler supporter).

Gotta love them Brits!

P.S.: where the fuck is our world going where Nazi imagery is still being used, fear of just even the slightest sight of 'socialism' scares half of the USA and growing as little as five pot plants can net you jail time harsher than pedophiles and murderers in Canada?

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