Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jason Bajada And His Experience Opening For The Lemonheads

My favourite Montréal singer-songwriter of the moment, Jason Bajada, was opening for The Lemonheads in Laval last night.

Apparently, Evan Dando was in one of his moods - stoned and/or drunk out of his damn mind. Nice to see he hasn't changed since the '90s, except that he's no longer putting his penis inside Winona Ryder. Or maybe he is, who knows.

One thing is for sure, though: Bajada blogged about it, and it's a very interesting read, maybe his best post yet.

I guess I should also add that I think his recent album, Loveshit, is one of my 10 favourites thus far this year, just to make sure I plug whatever I can while I'm in a pimping mood.

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