Monday, July 1, 2013

Video Of The Week: Bloody Diamonds

It's Canada Day, and I was going to post some British band, sarcastically, to celebrate it. Except I've had this earworm in my ears since yesterday, thanks to my friend, awesome musician Jessica Kaye (of Chix N' Dix fame, also in new act Tanks And Bombs)... she opened for them last Friday, at Crobar.

The band is Bloody Diamonds, and they hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia. Some of their songs are more pop/funk-oriented, such as this single, Monopoly. Others, such as Monsters, have a decidedly hard(er) rock edge, bordering on sludge, grunge, and Queens Of The Stone Age-style stoner rock. It is the exact mix I want to hear over and over again these days.

They were offering their songs for free in May on their BandCamp page, hopefully they can do that again in the future, because their own website solely offers vinyl versions (which I grabbed at their show), but I'm left without being able to listen to them in my iPod. Luckily, in this day and age, YouTube and turntables still have my back.

Directed by vocalist/organist Sara Elizabeth, the video for Monopoly is an artsy, short black-and-white film pitting images of the band performing with footage of the good old glory days of yore, when the Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall ruled the entertainment world, from music to dance shows to sporting events, and spawned countless imitators who tried to emulate their formula.

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