Friday, July 26, 2013

Video Of The Week: The Raveonettes

In the first half of the 00s, I legally downloaded thousands of live concerts from bands I knew, loved, respected and was fond of. From going on such sites as Etree or Dime A Dozen and its predecessor whose name I forget, I also got to learn of new bands I'd otherwise never have heard of, like The Kills, Sahara Hotnights, and The Raveonettes.

The Raveonettes hail from Copenhagen, Denmark and draw their influences from 50s and 60s rock (the chord progressions), the Velvet Underground (the atmospheres and lyric content) and dark electronic pop à la Joy Division.

And while the line-up has changed and diminished from one record to the next (they're now on their 12th release - six albums, 5 EPs and one B-sides compilation), there have been two constants: vocalists Sune Rose Wagner (also guitarist and composer) and Sharin Foo (one-time bass player, now percussionist). They are the two remaining members and have been for the last six years.

This particular track is from their 2003 release, Chain Gang Of Love, which I listened to a lot back in the day, interspersed with some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, White Stripes, VU and Richard Hell.

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