Sunday, February 15, 2015

Joe Biden's Butt Buddy

You know, Joe Biden's one complicated fellow, in that he's both a simpleton and a man with good ideas. He's like a Bizarro George W. Bush, in that he'll ALWAYS say the wrong thing in public as well, except instead of starting useless wars based on lies for his puppeteer buddies to profiteer on, he'd probably institute a country-wide public transit system.

But the delivery system for those good ideas inevitably always snags, as if there was a disconnect or distortion on the way from his brain to his mouth, like here:

There are words, expressions, and just things you don't say in front of crowds and rolling cameras. But Biden has no clue; he'd probably be the President who'd actually provide Reparations to Black folks, but in his speech to do it would refer to them as Colored, not because he's racist, but because his mind would escape to Boardwalk Empire mid-speech and in it, even Michael Kenneth Williams (Chalky White) talks about his peers in it that way, not meaning any harm, just totally wrong.

Another Bizarro Bush thing is how under Bush, the True President Dick Cheney was always hidden ''for security purposes'', whereas Barack Obama keeps Biden from appearing too often because it's one guaranteed huge gaffe per outing, and he wants to minimize those.

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