Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Video Of The Week: Will Butler

Will Butler's name might ring a bell, considering he's a key member of Montréal band Arcade Fire - and its leader Win Butler's brother. You might also know him for his Oscar nomination (for the score to Her in 2014 with AF frequent collaborator Owen Pallett).

When the end of March comes along and his solo album Policy comes out, you'll get to discover more of his own side of creating AF's sound, and judging from the debut single Anna, he's responsible for a lot of their 1980s-pop sounds; the first 15 seconds or so, I was afraid it might be too pop for my taste, that I might get tired of it too soon, but when the ''pam papam pams'' started coming in different keys with nods to seminal acts Talking Heads and The Cars, I knew I was hooked no matter what.

Truly, my first musical crush of 2015, in a video starring only himself and subtle white-boy moves from the '80s, directed by the man himself. That's how you spell ''statement''.

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