Saturday, March 19, 2016

Video Of The Week: Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan - known to some by her stage name Bat For Lashes - is set to release her next record on July 1st, 2016. It will be a concept album called The Bride, dealing with a relationship that ends in death, as in "Til Death Do Us Part"; it remains to be seen if the protagonist will get to the wedding first or if the couple will die as fiancés*, but I'm curious to find out, to say the least.

It will be her fourth full-length album; she also has three live EPs under her belt.

After releasing the song I Do in February (featuring a cover image that was simply a wedding invitation with the album's release date), here is the first true single and video, co-directed by Khan and John De Menil, for the haunting, mournful song In God's House:

The imagery and cinematography are stunning, and so far I like the song a lot. I find it rich, smart, subtle, subdued, nuanced and multi-layered. Maybe the over-abundance of keys will get on my nerves eventually, but so far I'm really into it. I also really like the nods to her past work everywhere in this, including the Volvo.

*You'd think a song called I Do would mean that, yes, they got to the ceremony, but in In God's House, she sings: "In God's house I do wait / for my love on our wedding day / Dewy eyes and lashes long / for my love, but I'm feeling something's wrong", which kind of steers the story in another direction.

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