Saturday, December 5, 2009

Surprise Saturdays

When Life gets too serious, you have to take it upon yourself to get it back under your control.

We're Saturday, December 5th. 2009, of course. For a while, my schedule for upcoming live shows was set: December 8th (Tuesday), at Centre St-Ambroise, a solo gig with Torontonian Daniel Greer (on tour for his Victory Songs 2.0, release), the exquisite Philémon Chante and the incomparable Simon Schreiber; January 2nd (Saturday), at Casa Del Popollo with my band, Blooze Konekshun, headlining, with Infinite Moksha and one of two Montréal bands called LeMonade; a show in late January or early February at Barfly again with my band - opening for my current favourite live local band - and pretty damn good on record, too - Dead Messenger; and February 26th, a solo piece at Casa again with my now-Victoria-based UnPop-bro Nate's acousti-punk project, Small Wars, and Jonathan Jude.

But two days ago, my friend Triangles Stuart's show became short one headliner when out-of-towners backed out, and I was offered the gig - and I just couldn't say no, despite the fact that I knew I'd only be half-ready.

So that show is tonight. As usual, I don't know what I'm going to be playing yet, but I'm also going to have to rely on the power of my ad-libbing/storytelling/humour to make this enjoyable to all. Funny thing is, it's when I least expect it that I deliver the most memorable performances; I kind of wish I hadn't forgotten my recording device to immortalize the evening's goings-on.

Murphy's Law, doubled.

I hope those who do make it there know they might be in for a treat. And maybe a cover of Beyoncé's Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It), that I just can't seem to get out of my head.

In preparation, I've been downing Pomegranate Rockstar (with vodka) - breakfast of champions. It feels like Cuba, last year, when I'd have vodka and orange juice for breakfast - no big plans of binging or drunkenness, just a kick to get the body moving.

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