Saturday, January 2, 2010

Video Of The New Year: The New Year

Yeah, I kind of made a mistake throwing that Arcade Fire video up so quick: I forgot it was the week in which New Year's Day was happening... and since most people think of the U2 song of the same name, usually, during this time, I thought of going the other way and present you with a song that also presents the day's celebration in contrast with the fact that, really, it's just another day, like the eve and the day after.

Our resolutions to try to make better actions, be better people, take more responsibilities, do more for mankind - they usually hit the way of Christmas decorations pretty fast, even more so in sub-freezing temperatures like Canada gets in February, where survival is the key word and minus-40 celcius is the fact.

So, since I missed posting it here on time, I'll play it tonight at my Day-Late New Year's Show at Casa Del Popolo.

A beautiful video by a relatively unknown band.

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