Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cops In Flight, Don't Know Why

How stupid is this? An Alabama police department just found out they have two drones - man-less planes used both for surveillance and military missions - and don't know why. And have never used.

I've been interested in drones for years, and even more so when I found out the U.S. now use them along the Canadian border. And I thought it was the largest non-defended border in the world; I guess not.

And now there are over 1000 drone permits issued in Canada, mostly to police but also rescue and government departments - but no one knows for sure how many are actually patrolling over our heads, which is even more shocking than actually having them there. Which is still awe-inspiring, considering we're a country of barely 30 million people over the second largest piece of land on the planet, most of which are concentrated in 6 urban areas.

Big Brother is watching, for sure.

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