Tuesday, May 15, 2012


You know what offends me? People who get offended by measly, useless fucking little things, for one.
''Oh, they're calling this politician ugly, it's sexism because she's a woman''. Except the same is often said about male politicians, and everybody laughs. Why the double-standard?

And why are people getting offended about the little stuff but find it totally fucking normal when politicians steal tax money, banks bankrupt people on false pretenses or companies lay off workers even though they're raking in millions in profits?

I have understood the precariousness of the human race for a long time and am willing to accept we wipe ourselves from existence by being greedy, selfish creatures hell-bent on milking everything we can get our hands on - including people - for all their/they're worth. Really. So much so that at some point, I'll just stop complaining and enjoy the show, beer in one hand, pizza in the other, watching all you fuckers kill each other.

And when you come for me, I may put up a fight, or I might not. Depends what mood I'm in, if I want to take you with me. 'Cause if I do, I'll fight tooth and nails and you'd best have a vehicle to hide behind, 'cause I'll come out swinging. If not, you'll have a real nice morning.

In the meantime, though, I'm hopeful of humanity, because in a week or so, Greece, France and now Germany have voted against stupid austerity measures; North America will probably follow. Cuba holds it own, as does Bolivia and Venezuela. The Occupiers will take back the parks, the People will be heard.


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