Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Better Than Walmart?

By now, the vast majority of you have heard of People Of Walmart... if not, here's a sample:

Showing it off
Oh, we're halfway there...

Most of those are from Red States, although it's pretty obvious, I'm not sure why I even pointed it out.

That being said, the Bible Belt (for some, the only belt they know of) and The South aren't the only trashy places people do their best to look ridiculous in. Unfortunately, my hometown of Montréal has a public transit system so thoroughly inefficient and yet so much less expensive than the as-inefficient and less-taken-care-of mental institutions that somehow, sometimes, it leads to the same type of spectacle:

Dressing down for a night out?
Truth? Or dare?

I think she killed a Cougar
Elvis' youngest boy lives here
There was room to sit away from her vomit...
Not only do the trains NEVER get cleaned, but...
every day, we are but a thin layer away from privates and/or germs, if that
And so I give you: Spotted: STM.

Because the best way to get discouraged about people is to be around them, or at the very least, look at them through your computer screen, which could be safer. Unless you're doing it from your smart phone on a bus, in which case this is but a different view of what's around you.

The restoration of my faith in humanity will have to wait one more day.

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