Thursday, February 6, 2014

Video Of The Week: Kandle

One of the main reasons why I can't get into Lana Del Rey is that I prefer more honest stuff, and I like my pop a tad darker, too - and Kandle is a perfect example of how that can work.

Born in Vancouver (as Kandle Osborne) but now living in Montréal, she inherited her father's songwriting skills, as he is Neil Osborne of Canadian rock legends 54-40.

She is set to release her debut album, In Flames, but hasn't released a video for that yet, so instead I present you with All That I Need, directed by Thibaut Duverneix. off her self-released and self-titled EP from 2012:

You just can't go wrong with a girl in the snow in the forest.

For the song I wanted to feature, though, hear it here.

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