Saturday, February 1, 2014

Agreeing With Affleck

My Playboy subscription ran out a month or two ago, four years or so after first joining (after the Tara Reid issue, and after I was told I might have a shot at writing for them). I let it run out because it hadn't gone anywhere for a while - the writing was no longer up to par, and the girls you can surely get off the web anyway. I miss the one-square comics, though.

But I would probably would have liked a hard copy of this recent Ben Affleck interview, which had this interesting tidbit about my city:
I met Morgan Freeman, which was great because I was able to ask him to work for free when we did Gone Baby Gone. We shot The Sum of All Fears in Montréal, and it almost killed me. That town never closes. The food is amazing, the drink is amazing, the girls are gorgeous. It’s not a place to focus on your work.
As a guy whose three books are stalling and whose debut CD is still unreleased (though I've added singles for Rumours and All Round Us to the ever-expanding web music offer), I can vouch it's a hard city to concentrate in. It's also quite inspiring. Catch-22.

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