Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Video Of The Week: Red Mass

Red Mass is a Montréal collective with a 10-person core but that encompasses over 60 contributors thus far from members of over 200 bands. It was started by Roy ''Choyce'' Vucino in 2008, so you can say he's its leader and figurehead.

Their live shows are spectacular and eclectic, like a modern-day Mr. Bungle with the showmanship and spirit of King Khan & The Shrines, who they will be touring with, incidentally, through the end of June all across North America (tour dates here).

The Hart-directed video matches the band, moody at first, setting a tone if not the tone, then bursting in pure rock energy just when it could have just as well ended. Mac De Marco and HannahLIsDead sing on the track, titled Sharp.

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