Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Video Of The Week: Timber Timbre

Timber Timbre are a Montréal duo consisting of Taylor Kirk (frequent collaborator of Thus Owls) and Simon Trottier (hot composer du jour); on their records, they are often accompanied by Colin Stetson (saxophone) and Mika Posen (violin), who are often replaced in  the live shows by Olivier Fairfield and Mathieu Charbonneau.

I played a co-headlining show with Trottier (accompanying Simon Leduc) at Barfly for IglooFest a few years ago (2008, maybe) and must admit I liked the sounds he could pull from his guitar, but in Timber Timbre, it's more subtle - and ironically, easier to appreciate.

I have to admit I prefer the song accompanied by its fully-animated video (by Chad VanGaalen), though, because you have to be in the right mood for just the ethereal sounds, whereas the images can fit in any context.

If the band sounds like something you may have heard before, it might be because their song Magic Arrow appeared in Breaking Bad and in The Good Wife, their song called Black Water played in For A Good Time, Call..., and their semi-hit Demon Host was featured in the end credits for The Last Exorcism Part II (for which Kirk submitted a musical score that was turned down).

This song, Beat the Drum Slowly, appears on their most recent album, Hot Dreams, which came out last week.

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