Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Frankie MacDonald Wants Montrealers To Have A Safe St-Jean

Sometimes you tune in to your favourite singer or band for new, rare stuff; sometimes you just want the hits.In this video, for today, Frankie MacDonald (from Nova Scotia) does both: it's a new day, for one, and it's summer, so no snowstorms. But severe thunderstorms? Oh yeah.

Montréal be prepared: have your rubber boots ready, have your rain coats and rain suits ready, order your pizzas and Chinese food, buy cases of Pepsi and Coke
And most important as far as hits go:
have your iPads charged, have your iPods charged, have your cell phones charged, have your laptops charged and have your tablets charged
Seriously, I don't know the extent to which he's laughing at us while we're amazed by him, but I do really think it goes both ways. He has ingrained himself into my psyche to the point where every time the weather's just a tad unpleasant, his voice rings in my head telling screaming at me to have all my shit charged and he decides what grocery items I should buy and what to order out for.

''Don't get wet!''

''Be safe'' - you too, my friend.

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