Monday, August 31, 2009

When Did Festivals Start To Suck?

I hate to write about this now, what with my recent posts self-promoting my own UnPop Festival, but it's more of an anti-festival anyway, isn't it?

But when it isn't bad enough that they overcharge bands to apply, overcharge for tickets, overcharge for programs and souvenirs - now there's a chance you might, literally, lose your clothes at these events, even whilst wearing the buggers.

And if I read that right - it's people's own friends that do that to them?

There's just one thing to do - become a recluse. Listen to music at home, alone - you've paid for the CD or mp3 - or downloaded it. You can listen to what is likely the best version of each song, right in your home, where the drinks and food are affordable, too. And none of your freaking friends will get you naked for the fun of seeing you walk home in the buff with no cash for a cab - 'cause it was in your pants.

And if you want to full concert experience, buy the Live DVD, or download the live bootleg.

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