Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hell's ''Valuable'' Collectibles

You know how once in a while (say, Spring cleaning) you realize you have way too much crap in your home and you throw some of it out? Well, I'm not like you at all...

I put the shit I don't want in boxes and wait for it to either disappear, or someone tells me they need it and I give it to them. Or I try to sell it and it never works.

Some of my stuff I never want to get rid of, even if it takes up more and more space every year...

I have a two-storey apartment in downtown Montréal, and the basement is just about loaded with shit I rarely see anymore - over 3000 CDs (most of them, now in mp3 format on my computer, are still listened to from time to time), hundreds (if not thousands) of books - but barely half of the amount I used before my appartment got flooded in 1998 - and tons of sports and non-sports cards, 25% of which mean a lot to me, the rest... not so much.

And pictures from my past. Every box of pictures seeming like a different life, with a different 'me' in each one - all of them different from the overweight bear I am now.

And a few special boxes as well, with memorabilia. The memorabilia that couldn't fit in my home office upstairs, because it's so tiny (and because it houses my DVDs that cover up a whole wall).

Some of them will be found here. Yep, a fourth blog. For now, it's a few sports cards, most of them with what makes it special (autograph, piece of cloth) already on/in it from the get-go, but a few that were obtained in-person as well. Some of the stories surrounding the collectibles (pictures, cards, posters, etc.) are pretty good.

Stay tuned on it, though, for future interesting pieces, like the Marcel Hossa autograph I got while spening a whole day with him as he was bored to death at a team jamboree. We'd made plans to eventually hang out, but unfortunately, he didn't last with the team long enough - and, judging by recent Habs' players' stories, maybe hanging out with a writer and musician who can surely drink a lot would not be something the team would look upon with a gleeful eye...

Creating a new blog for those pieces seemed like the thing to do, to not have this one, which is centered more on my actual life and the events in it and how I actually feel about certain issues that affect my life - and I didn't want the flow of my Life's Story to be interrupted by me describing the shit I own. Or something.

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