Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meme Of 4

You see these all over MySpace and Facebook, you answer them sometimes, then revisit them a month later only to realize your tastes have change drastically.

Another Suburban Mom proposes this meme of 4, taken from The Writing Journey.

So here goes it:

4 jobs I have had:
1. Babysitter
2. Clerk/Assistant-Manager at a used records & book store (first Dream Job to let me down)
3. Night Shift guy at a convenience store (urgh, most held up one in Montréal, too, guns in my face every other night)
4. Call Centre Supervisor (which led to the Second Dream Job that let me down)

4 movies I can watch over and over
1. Pulp Fiction
2. 12 Monkeys
3. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective
4. Me, Myself & Irene

4 places I have lived
1. NDG, Montréal
2. New Harlem, NYC
3. Centre-Sud, Montréal
4. Le Plateau, Montréal

4 TV shows I love

1. Seinfeld
2. The Daily Show With Jon Stewart
3. The Colbert Report
4. South Park

4 places I have been on vacation
1. Cuba
2. Florida
3. Maine
4. Gaspésie

4 of my favorite dishes
1. Poutine
2. Lobster
3. Lasagna
4. Shrimp

4 Websites I Visit Daily
1. Cyberpresse
2. Stillepost
3. Eva Goes Hunting
4. La Vie Est Une Puck

4 Places I Dream of Going
1. back to Cuba - fuck, I wish I could be there 6 months a year!
2. Italy
3. Hawaii
4. Australia

I'm not really fond of these things, but when I start, I could go on answering them for hours.

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