Monday, August 20, 2012

R.I.P. Tony Scott

The only thing I could think of when I heard Tony Scott had killed himself by jumping off an L.A. bridge were lyrics from Jim Carroll's song People Who Died:
Herbie said ''Tony, can you fly?''
But Tony couldn't fly, Tony died!
Although Ridley Scott's brother did leave a suicide note in his car office, so he didn't attempt to fly after all...

I'd feel like shit too if the biggest movie I could make these days was the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced Top Gun 2...

The box office provider's movies were hit-and-miss; some directors I like most of their films, other none. His fell in two different categories:

Those I liked: Beverly Hills Cop II, Days Of Thunder, The Last Boy Scout, True Romance, Spy Game.

Those I didn't: Top Gun, Crimson Tide, The Fan, Enemy Of The State, Man On Fire, Domino.

And one entertaining one at first watch but that I don't feel the need to ever see again: The Taking Of Pelham 123. And I really need to see The Hunger.

Upon hearing the news, my first feeling was consternation. Despite never receiving his brother's praise nor ever being an Academy Award nominee, he never seemed to me like someone with (more than daily-life) ''problems''. It serves as another example that anyone can have lapses in reason or control - whether they last an hour, a year or a lifetime.

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