Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Return Of Nine Inch Nails

Step right up. March. Push. Crawl right up on your knees.

That's right - Nine Inch Nails is back, with a brand-new line-up, comprised of Adrian Belew of King Crimson among others. Eric Avery of Jane's Addiction fame was slated to join, but had to back down, although long-time member Robin Fincke is back in the fold.

I guess Trent Reznor had some rage and anger left in him after failing to win his second Oscar for the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo soundtrack...

I've seen them live 5 times, and it was always a great show. I missed the last two tours, which were extremely different from anything they'd done before, and for the 1994-2000 period it did seem like it was getting too theatrical, rehearsed, and choreographed, but the energy and the great songs were still there.

With renewed passion and a revamped line-up, I wouldn't be surprised if their upcoming tour was the best live experience of the past 10 and next 5 years.

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