Monday, May 6, 2013

There Goes Gun Control

3D printing is here, we hear about it more and more.

And our inventiveness keeps getting better and better, and while society is getting dumber, some members of it are definitely getting smarter.

Which brings us to this story: a man has started a company who will provide plans to print your own plastic gun at home. The only thing not included is a small nail, which acts as its firing pin.

I particularly like this part of the story:
And it’s complied with the Undetectable Firearms Act by inserting a six ounce chunk of non-functional steel into the body of the Liberator, which makes it detectable with a metal detector–Wilson spent $400 on a walk-through model that he’s installed at the workshop’s door for testing. “Our strategy is overcompliance,” he says. (There’s no guarantee, of course, that anyone who downloads and prints the Liberator will insert the same chunk of detectable steel.)
Ah, a loophole the size of the moon - Republicans will love it!

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