Thursday, January 30, 2014

That Moment It Dawns On You...

... that of all the characters on any TV show of all time, you are not Batman, Sherlock Holmes or Jack Bauer.

You're not Joey from friends, not even Joey Donovan or Joey Russo (both characters played by Joey Lawrence, I guess he can't act a first name), and you sure as fuck aren't Uncle Joey. At least you're not Joey Buttafuoco.

But, no, you're George Constanza, the biggest selfish loser prick of the 1990s.

And it's not just your shitty luck, your growing a belly and/or receding hairline, but more related to the fact that even though you've seen every Seinfeld episode dozens of times, you start seeing George act in his relationships or actions in regards to other people and tell yourself ''I would also have reacted that way'' or, worse, ''that was the only reasonable way to react''.

Which means you're fucked. And you will never get fucked again.

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