Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Video Of The Week: Arcade Fire

There were a few videos for this song, Afterlife, including a lyrics video comprised of clips of old Haitian films, so I wasn't really sure if there would eventually be a ''proper'' one with the band appearing in it or not.

Seeing as this version was directed by Emily Kai Bock (a respected indie-rock video director), however, I'll say ''no'' and post this one instead. It plays like a short film involving a Spanish-American family's trials and tribulations as a single dad tries to raise his two sons - a teenager and a kid - properly.

The video has its critics; I, for one, love the black-and-white sequences (some of which are just beautiful, others serve the story as flashbacks) but could do without the Smashing Pumpkins/1979-like ''old picture depictions of life'' parts, though the soryline would obviously be incomplete without them.

It's a strong song, though, not as top-notch as Reflektor, but quality nonetheless.

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