Friday, March 23, 2012

While I'm Into Politics... Here's Music

I must admit this is perhaps the best musical performance I've seen in years.

I'm not a fan of Bruce Springsteen's. I usually find his ''band'' recordings to be muddy, murky, hard-to-differentiate-one-note-from-another, but in this Irish-style angst-ridden ditty that sounds like something Joe Strummer could have written for The Pogues - mixing the rage and immediacy of The Clash's  London Calling with the styling and grit of the Celtic band's Rum, Sodomy & The Lash - The Boss turns it up to 11 with the help of his E-Street Band and Tom Morello for Jimmy Fallon's show.

He's passionate, involved, brutally honest, and wrote a fucking amazing song. We're barely in March, and this is probably the song of the year for me, and this is the performance of the past 5 years.

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