Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fan: Short For ''Fanatic''

I like San Franciso 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick  as much as the proverbial next guy... except if that guy is this guy:

Just... wow. So much to say. From ''eyes on the back of his head'', to ''kudos to the barber'', to ''why put a man with so much facial hait on the head you're having shaved - you're going through more trouble than he is!''

Also, if you don't get the reference to ''the Stick'', Candlestick Park, once the home of the San Francisco Giants, is entering its final season as the home of the 49ers. In an oddity relatively prevalent in this economy-driven/fan-and-tradition-ignoring era, their new stadium - Levi's Stadium, ''The Field Of Jeans'' (no I didn't make that shit up) - will actually be 40 miles outside of San Fransisco, in Santa Clara. Because everyone loves going to the suburbs for their entertainment*, right?

*Ask the NHL's twice-bankrupt Phoenix Coyotes playing in Glendale, or the equally-twice bankrupt Ottawa Senators operating in the middle of nowhere in Kanata...

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