Thursday, September 5, 2013

Scent Of A Woman

There's weird, then there's just plain bizarre.

First, watch this hilarious video, then I'll explain the premise:

Le premier parfum à l'odeur de vagin : Vulva by Spi0n

So, their website claims:
VULVA Original is not a perfume but the real erotic scent of a woman.
 Which they put in a glass vial.
This long lasting scent will awaken the erotic fantasy that lay deep in your mind.
With a quick swipe of the roll-on applicator your fantasies will be indulged with not only the memories of an exotic, aroused woman, but also her musky vaginal scent. Only a small drop is needed to make it last for hours...
Smell like post-sex for hours, without having had sex. It's win-win, really, if you can't get anything else.

Or if you want ta make your woman uselessly jealous. Of ride on public transit pretending to be a womanizer in the hopes that other females might be attracted to ''the stench of your success''.

It's only $33 a vial, or 3-for-$85. If it does, indeed, carry actual ladies' juices, collected a drop at a time, then it's well worth it. They also offer a vial+panty pack ($91) if you want to heighten your level of pretend to pretentious new heights...

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