Friday, September 6, 2013

Video Of The Week: The Mahones

I had a few options this week, including some visually-poignant pieces, but decided I'd go for The Mahones' The King Of Copenhagen because I listened to their CD a lot this week, and they released the video today.

It consists entirely of fan footage from their most recent European tour, which makes for a low-budget, fan-friendly piece that also manages to capture the band's live energy. The video focuses a lot on accordionist Katie Kaboom, but that is understandable, because she is at the forefront, always energetic, intense, twisting in various positions, sexy as hell, and married to bandleader Finny McConnell.

I might have appreciated it a tad more if they'd tried a tad harder to put images of Finny singing while vocals are being sung, and band footage when they're not, to give the illusion that it could be sung in concordance with the images, but the fact that it isn't just means you have to watch it twice - once to look at the band's show (and Kaboom), and once more to listen to the song you vaguely recollect from your first go at it. Come to think of it, that's an amazing ploy to double their YouTube hits...

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