Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thanks, Jimmy Kimmel

At first I was going to edit last week's post and say it turned out to be a prank by Jimmy Kimmel and his staff...

Well, that's not entirely true. At first, I totally forgot I posted about it. Then I thought about editing it earlier this week, then I forgot about it again until I looked at my blog today - which I don't normally do.

I saw it, then actually thought about modifying it, and figured ''nah'', because I kind of already had:

For now, we assume Caitlin Heller is really the girl in the following video, and that she really put it up on YouTube for us all to laugh at:
(then the video)
But because these are the internets, and the series of tubes have fooled us before, we will assume at a 25% level that it could be her boyfriend (or ex), or roommate, or even an enemy who put it online; we'll know for sure in a year, when she has committed suicide - or not.

''She'' is quoted as saying:

I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot :)
WOW! Didn't expect all this attention. I'm fine. Just a little embarrassed!! THX!!
 So I saw it coming. Kinda. But not to this extent:

So instead of modifying the ''original'' post, I went and made a brand-new one instead. Two-for-none, basically.

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