Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Party Like It's 1986

One man grew tired of his children rather than have human contacts and decided he'd punish his whole entourage for it - by reverting his family back to the year he and his girlfriend were born, 1986.

Gone are the iPhones, iPads, Blu-rays, cell phones, GPS devices, the internet...  back are the old Nintendo Entertainment System (and the original Super Mario Bros. game), encyclopedias, paper maps, playing outside...

Blair McMillan even lost his job for not having a cell phone and instead preferring one-on-one interactions. Though he probably would also have lost it when his client would have seen his fucking mullet and mustache.

In the name of all that is sacred, I do hope this one-year experiment doesn't go any further. Imagine his poor girlfriend, if they decide to continue living like this for, say, 5 more years, then splits up with him... imagine how lost she'll be in all the ever-evolving technology.

If a catastrophic event occurs and all technology is rendered useless, and everyone has to revert to hunting and gathering, then, fine, we're all on the same playing field. But purposely foregoing to accept the future in a feeble attempt to get in touch with your roots only works a little bit, and only in organized circles - like the Amish. Or the homeless. Past a certain point, it just becomes purposely holding up and restraining your loved ones' progress. It's kidnapping.

I kid, I kid...

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