Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video Of The Week: Snoop Doggy Dogg

''Study long, study wrong''. Famous first words.

Not the first words Snoop Doggy Dogg uttered in a rap song (those were on Dr. Dre's first solo epic The Chronic), not even the first words on Snoop's own first major hit - that was Who Am I (What's My Name?). Nope. Just the famous first words from Gin & Juice, the song that defined West Coast for all of the 90s - otherwise known as G-Funk.

A laid back young adult who went on to become Snoop Dogg after fighting with one record label, joining another then starting his own entertainment imprint that produces records, live events, films, TV shows and sponsors sports leagues for kids.

The man's a giver, what can I say? He is the gangsta with the heart of gold, and the man you want to either spice up your chorus or just spell his name out in the middle of your song and still bring it to #1. Plus, he has a prescription for medical marijuana, which means he gets to smoke the high-quality stuff anywhere in the world without anyone hassling him at customs in almost any country.

The man is a genius.

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