Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fare Thee Well, Will Austin

Photo by Sandra Lynn Belanger

He came from British Columbia with the hair of a madman and a head full rock solos. Like Buddy Holly on acid, he went from one weird project to the next, a troubadour of messed-up folk interspersed with space-rock from beyond explanation.

A proud Concordia University alumni, he will now take his squealin’ Bob Dylan renditions to Toronto, where I suppose he will become an investment banker or a used car salesman.
He leaves countless other musicians to mourn his absence, including but not limited to everyone in the Sake Of The Songs benefit shows, the UnPop Montréal festival, the singer-songwriter crew, Loaded/S.H.A.L.L. and other supergroups, as well as the hundreds of bands he’s started that lasted for six months before going into hibernation/indefinite hiatus. And of course SsKKLLffkk.
Godspeed, sailor. You will be remembered. In 2055.

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