Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This Week's Top 10s

Top 10 Songs:

10. EISBAR, Grauzone (1980)
9. DISORDER, Ice-T & Slayer (1993)
8. DESPAIR, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2013)
7. LEAVE BEHIND, Martha Wainwright (2012)
6. MIRACLE WORKER, SuperHeavy (2011)
5. CAME BACK HAUNTED, Nine Inch Nails (2013)
4. MIND YOUR MANNERS, Pearl Jam (2013)
3. FOUR BLACK SHEEP, Martha Wainwright (2012)
2. DRAG ROPES, Storm Corrosion (2012)
1. YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH, Metric (2012)

Top 10 Alan Moore Comics:

10. THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN, America's Best Comics/Top Shelf (1999-present)
9. PROMETHEA, America's Best Comics (1999-2005)
8. FASHION BEAST, Avatar Press (2012-2013)
7. TOP 10, America's Best Comics/DC Comics (1999-2001)
6. SWAMP THING, DC Comics (1984-1987)
5. FROM HELL, Tundra/Top Shelf (1989-1996)
3. LOST GIRLS, Top Shelf (1992-1992, 2006)
2. WATCHMEN, DC Comics (1986-1987)
1. V FOR VENDETTA, Vertigo/DC Comics (1982-1985)

A lot of Alan Moore fans will rate Swamp Thing #1. I didn't read it when it came out, as I was between the ages of 6 and 9 years old - more interested in Batman, Iron Man and even Archie to bother with ''more serious'' comics - but I find it hasn't aged all that well, certainly not as well as Watchmen and V For Vendetta, which could have been released this year, despite the huge leap in storytelling in all its forms in the past 30 years - it's like comparing a George Lucas-directed film with a Quentin Tarantino one.. Lost Girls is one of the best ideas ever - taking three iconic female characters (Alice, Dorothy and Peter Pan's Wendy) and having them share their experiences, twisted to reveal sordid tales of sexuality. If only The League was as bold...

By the way, I lost my copy of Lost Girls in a flood, if you're looking to get me something for my upcoming birthday, or Christmas...

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