Saturday, August 10, 2013

This Week's Top 10

Top 10 Songs:

10. SUBWAY, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2013)
9. LEAVE BEHIND, Martha Wainwright (2012)
8. CLOSER, Tegan And Sara (2013)
7. ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER (Bob Dylan cover), Eddie Vedder & Million Dollar Bashers (2007)
5. YOUTH WITHOUT YOUTH, Metric (2012)
4. BORN ON THE FM WAVES OF THE HEART, Against Me! featuring Tegan Quinn (2007)
3. WHITE PEOPLE FOR PEACE, Against Me! (2007)
2. DESPAIR, Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2013)
1. FOUR BLACK SHEEP, Martha Wainwright (2012)

Top 10 Nirvana Songs:

10. THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD (David Bowie cover), MTV Unplugged In NY (1994)
9. PENNYROYAL TEA, In Utero (1993)
8. WHERE DID YOU SLEEP LAST NIGHT? (Lead Belly cover), MTV Unplugged In NY (1994)
7. SAPPY/VERSE CHORUS VERSE, No Alternative compilation (1993)
5. PLATEAU (Meat Puppets cover), MTV Unplugged In New York (1994)
4. HEART-SHAPED BOX, In Utero (1993)
3. LAKE OF FIRE (Meat Puppets cover), MTV Unplugged In New York (1994)
2. LOUNGE ACT, Nevermind (1991)
1. LOVE BUZZ (Shocking Blue cover), Bleach (1989)

Five covers? Absolutely, that represents how I feel about this band in general. Three from the same record? That's how highly I think of In Utero, despite my feelings about Nirvana. Apprentice could have ranked anywhere from 6 to 10, but the drum beat alone is worth the highest of those positions to me. One B-Side was almost two or four (also considered were Marigold, Moist Vagina and I Hate Myself And Want To Die), but I figured the Bowie cover and Pennyroyal Tea, ultimately, deserved to be on here. Something In The Way crossed my mind, then I listened to it again (after more than a decade), and opted not to.

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