Friday, August 23, 2013

Video Of The Week: Storm Corrosion

I was turned onto this project by my friend Mark a couple of weeks ago, and it has haunted me and fueled my ears ever since, though I slightly prefer the video to the song.

The visuals are reminiscent of what Tim Burton may have done with Corpse Bride if he hadn't lost his edge after reading the critics of Charlie And The Chocolate Factory; the music is deep, rich, researched, textured - all adjectives I'd also use to describe prog-metal band Tool, who also have a knack for terrific animated videos. Storm Corrosion's sound is reminiscent of Tool's Aenima and Lateralus eras, more specifically; there's also a dark Scott Walker-meets-Nick Cave vibe in the quality of storytelling and layering of instruments.

And just who is Storm Corrosion? It is the fruit of a collaboration between Swedish hard-rocker Mikael Åkerfeldt (leader of death metal band Opeth, and vocalist for Bloodbath; also a member of Sörskogen and Steel) and British rock experimentor Steven Wilson (leader of Porcupine Tree, past member of Altamont and Pride Of Passion).

There are no plans for a second album nor tour, but with musicians of that caliber, it's almost inevitable they'll itch to make another recording that is a departure from their usual playbook; maybe that time round, they can also bring in former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy aboard, as was initially intended, though it would inevitably alter the dynamic. Then again, ''scheduling conflicts'' have made him part ways with at least 5 different bands, so perhaps that was never meant to be...

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