Monday, August 5, 2013

Video Of The Week: MGMT

They were media darlings some 5-7 years ago, playing in all the cool festivals, being one of the few acts still getting air time on music video channels, gathering accolades from Spin, NME and Rolling Stone and Grammy nominations.

Then interest died. Mine did, anyway. Too electro, too trendy, too cliché, too 80s, too pop. Too overwhelmingly everywhere despite not being the best act around. Too annoying.

MGMT are exactly what you imagine a Connecticut non-hardcore punk band would be: cute, clever, likely well-educated, and incredibly beige.

And yet here they play the OK Go card (the Beastie Boys card for the older generation), with an amazing video for a so-so, moderately listenable tune, and suddenly I'm happy.

Too good to pass up. And who know, maybe too true and close to home as well.

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